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Your body needs more than just water to be properly hydrated. That’s why our rapid-hydration formula strikes a scientific balance of water, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

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Supercharged Electrolyte Mix

Supercharged Electrolyte Mix

“Highly recommend this product for the rave community! i used this before a show and the next day my body didn’t hurt like it normally would! Plus it made me more comfortable raving knowing that my body and brain would be replenished." @xxhaylsw

“Took Rave Doctor a couple days before the fest and throughout, shared with my friends too! I couldn't believe how good I felt the days after. I would recommend this product to everyone looking to replenish and stabilize their bodies after the typical festival onslaught. Couldn't be happier." @wheres_amanda

“Great stuff. Used it at my last EDM concerts, back to back in different states, and I feel like my recovery was shortened. Even though I put myself through the wringer both nights I was still functional on the 3rd day after 500 miles and 2hours sleep. And I didn't even get sick though it's cold season." @kannabis_kayla

"Smiling big because I never have to worry about post fest depression, hangovers, fatigue, muscle cramps, AND SO MANY OTHER THINGS ever again!!!! " @co_girl_aspen

“This supplement is the absolute best! Many of the reviewers give praise to its post hangover recovery properties, I am here to tell you, it is SO MUCH MORE! I've noticed I have slept better, my focus is more on point, my mood is elevated, and I feel like I can take on anything that is brought my way! @jaslinenicole

“Great hangover recovery supplement. Rave Doctor’s highly concentrated B-Vitamin formula, which is a precursor to GABA production, offers an excellent method to replenishing these low GABA levels so that you can be up and about more quickly" @shazamamanda, @queen_sarlotka

“I truly feel this product helped me a lot during a music festival. It prevented me from getting sick after all my friends got sick immediately following the festival. I felt that I had much more energy than the group I was with because this supplement helped me recover fast. I will always have this on hand for festivals!!" @abi_emalena_fit

“With a busy schedule I tend to forget to drink enough water throughout the day so I wanted to try out this HydroRx. I have to say the Lemon-Lime flavor is refreshing & not over powering like most powders I’ve tried. " @katkorri

“This right here is a life saver. I can’t tell you how many times i’ve come home from a festival or show and have just felt like complete 💩. Post-festival depression? it’s a thing. Sick from all the dust & smoke? that’s just the least of it all. I finally found something that will fix all of those problems and I couldn’t be happier." @christinasetliff

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