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Health & Science

How to Stay Hydrated at a Festival

What does it mean to be dehydrated? Dehydration is a sneaky issue and can happen before you feel the side

Health & Science

Benefits of Staying Hydrated

Aside from quenching that annoying thirst, did you know that there are several other benefits to keeping your body hydrated?

Health & Science

The Science Behind HydroRX

You know you need to stay hydrated, and we’ve established how to do it. Now, let’s dive into why these

Rave Lifestyle

Good Vibes Warm the Sole

Why should you be a festival junky? It’s easy, peace, love, unity, respect (PLUR). We have all fallen in love

Rave Lifestyle

5 Must Haves For Sunny Festival Days

By: Mia Nissen With summertime comes festivals, and with festivals comes responsibility. It is so easy to overlook the necessities

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